Welcome to Crackin’ Wax!

Posted: May 6, 2015 by topher in General
Hello and welcome! Please, make yourself at home. Looking to join a good case break? Just head up to the Crackin’ Wax Case Breaks menu! Have some Twins autographs you’d like to get rid of? Go check out my “Want List!” Want to know what my wife thinks of her husband collecting baseball cards? Then you should read “The Better Half!” Looking for new blog posts? Just scroll down.

And now, a video of our cat making baseball cards…

Miss out on last night’s truly awesome Series 1 charity case break? Check out the replay here! Please excuse the audio quality. We were trying out a new streaming program and could not address the audio issue on-the-fly.

Our first charity case break of the year is happening right now! To watch, just head up to the Crackin’ Wax Case Breaks menu, then click on 2016 Topps S1. So get on up there and watch us crack some wax!

Tonight will be our first charity case break of the year, and, of course, it’s the flagship—2016 Topps Series 1! We’re benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital tonight and have so far raised $106! Let’s see how much more we can add to that total! Be back here tonight at 5pm Central and watch us bust up this year’s first batch of baseball cards!

Blaster Buster: 2016 Topps Series 1

Posted: February 2, 2016 by topher in Blaster Buster
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My love for The Beatles is well-known. If you’ve ever received one of my Crackin’ Wax autograph cards, you might notice on the back that I make mention of the group. My knowledge of The Kinks, however, barely registers as anything measurable. While I may be an unapologetic Beat-head, I’m a terrible Kinks noob. For this reason, I was invited to be part of a brand new podcast by Hardly Serious co-founder, Tony, called “Kinks and Beats.” It’s a weekly podcast discussing a wide range of topics covering both bands.

The first episode of this podcast will be published today. Tony and I discuss the newest Beatles release, “1+,” as well as The Kinks’ first break-out hit, “You Really Got Me.”

If you’re a fan of either band, of classic rock, of podcasts, of Crackin’ Wax, or of Hardly Serious, please give us a listen. If you like what you hear, don’t let me down—subscribe!