I will be taking a bit of time now to begin figuring out the 2015 case break schedule. I wondered aloud on Twitter whether increasing my schedule from 5 cases per year to 2 cases per week was a good idea and if I could even sell out a football break. I believe that I have a loyal enough and large enough baseball collecting base to run at least 1 case break per month, though.

Upon determining the upcoming schedule and how to go about running the 2015 breaks, I wondered what YOU felt about our 2014 breaks here at Crackin’ Wax. So, whether you’ve taken spots in each break I’ve ever done or you’ve just sat silently on the sidelines, I’d like your input and feedback. Below are a list of questions about my breaks, past and future, that I’d like you to answer. The responses I get will greatly help in making sure I give YOU the best Crackin’ Wax Case Break experience that I can offer.

Thank you!

1: Which products would you like me to tackle in 2015? Doesn’t have to just be baseball.

2: I base my slot pricing on official checklists. In your opinion, has my slot pricing been fair?

3: Do you feel my “$5 back” skunk protection policy is fair? If not, what would you suggest?

4: Did you like the $20 spot reservation down payment ahead of full slot pricing? If not, would you rather wait until full slot pricing is available (typically a day after official checklist is released)?

5: Would you like to see fewer Charity breaks and more of the affordable non-charity breaks?

6: Do you enjoy the video presentation of the breaks (most times featuring @literalquirk as my sorter)? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve those presentations?

7: Although the Private Break has yet to take place, do you think this is a fair loyalty program? If not, what would you reasonably prefer?

8: How would you feel about an occasional “Ladies Night” break run by @literalquirk?

9: If you’ve never broken with us here before, please tell me what’s kept you from joining.

10: Which charities would you like us to benefit in 2015?

11: How would you feel about purchasing break spots from a virtual cart as opposed to being invoiced via PayPal?

12: Please offer any and all other feedback regarding our breaks here. All comments will be considered.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your support in 2014, not only in our breaks, but also in supporting all of the fantastic charities in which we’ve helped raise over $1500 for in this year alone! I look forward to running breaks for you in 2015!

2014 Private Break Update

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Just wanted to give you all a quick update on the status of the Private Break. All spots have been taken and paid for. I had hoped to be able to break tonight if all of the spots were gone, but I’m simply not feeling as well as I was anticipating. Friday’s surgical procedure and its subsequent recovery is taking its toll on me. Because of this, as much as I really want to tear into some wax, I think it’s best if I rest and stay on schedule. So, for now, we’ll stick to the original break date of November 12. That should give me plenty of time to get healed up and re-energized.

I really wanted to do this break this weekend. I guess I overestimated my ability to recover. I hope you all understand.

Thank you all very much!

2014 Private Break Is OPEN

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If you were involved in any of my charity case breaks this year, you were e-mailed an invitation and discount for this year’s Private Break. If you think you did not get your e-mail, you may want to check your junk/spam. If it’s not there, send me a comment on this post and I’ll re-send your invitation and discount. Got your invitation and discount? Then you’d better get in there and get your spots FAST! Over half of the spots are already gone!


Yes, there was a life for me before trading cards, before charity case breaks, and before I met Literal Quirk. Once upon a time, I had a passion for a different hobby—music. Way back when, nearly 20 years ago, some high school friends and I got together to do something we all thought only stoners from Seattle could do.

Sounding familiar already? Not only have I been blabbing about it for a while now on Twitter, I also posted at some length about it before. All of that work has now come full circle.


In 1997, my old band, then called Spindle, put out our one and only CD. I have since cleaned it up, remastered it, corrected a few mistakes, added some guitar parts to a couple of tracks, added some bonus material and made it available for download for the first time ever. Our sound is comparable to a convergence of Veruca Salt and Smashing Pumpkins with a killer female lead singer. We were 90s alt-grunge-rock with raw, unfiltered grit. The album has actually held up nicely over the years and sounds even better with the remastering.

Today, the remastered re-issue of our 1997 album, “Henrietta’s Mix,” is now available for download at places like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and CDBaby. It’s also available at streaming sites such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify and SoundCloud.

What makes this occasion even sweeter? All proceeds are going to be donated to the Human Rights Campaign! In fact, every play our music gets on air and online earns us even more money to donate!

My hope is that all of my readers here will give the album a spin and check us out and, if you like the music, to please download the album! Even if you don’t like our style of music, I hope you’ll still give the album at least one play. Hell, you can hit play, mute the audio and just let the thing play! You’ll still be helping us do some good for a really great cause! So, please, give us a listen, download our album, and let your friends and family know about us so we can donate even more! Thank you so much—we ALL appreciate your support!

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Bowman Chrome Case Break: LIVE! NOW!!

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Alexander O.
Andrew P.
Andrew P.
Deb U.
Deb U.
Deb U.
Deborah P.
Deborah P.
Deborah P.
Edwin “Casey” J.
Ken R.
Kimberly K.
Kirk M.
Kirk M.
Kirk M.
Kirk M.
Matthew S.
Olaf H.
Raymond H.
Raymond H.
Raymond H.
Raymond H.
Raymond H.
Raymond H.
Reid G.
Richard B.
Ross M.
Stacy M.
Tony L.
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