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We’re getting down to the final weeks before Topps lets loose with their first product of 2013, Series 1 Baseball! For those new to the blog, I’m conducting my first ever case break and I’m using Topps ’13 S1! Whether or not you’re familiar with case breaks, it’s highly unlikely you’ve ever been in a case break quite like mine. Check out the dirty details down below…

Not only could one of the lucky participants of this case break walk away with the cards and hits from their slot(s), they could also be the proud new owners of a brand new, freshly sealed jumbo box pulled straight out of the case! It’s all part of the raffle conducted during Crackin’ Wax Case Breaks!

Think you’ll end up with way too many cards with just one full slot? Maybe the price of one full slot is a little out of your budget? I offer half slots! At just half the price of a full slot, you’ll get all the cards from either the first half of the break or the second half of the break AND you’ll still get a chance at the jumbo box giveaway!

Going after more than just one team? Trying to knock out a good chunk of the base set? You can elect to give up your base dupes to the Community Dupes pile. In return, you’ll receive base dupes from the Community Dupes pile!

If you secure at least one full team slot and do not receive at least one hit from the case break, you’ll receive a $5 refund! If you do not receive any cards whatsoever from the case break, you’ll get a FULL refund!

You will receive a $5 refund if it has been confirmed by me that you participated in the case break immediately previous to the case break you are currently joining. That means if you participate in the ’13 S1 Jumbo case break, you’ll get a $5 refund if you join in on the very next case break!

As of this very moment, these are the teams with full slots remaining…

…and this is the only team left with just one half slot remaining…

Ready to jump in? Need a little more information? Just head on over to the Topps ’13 S1 Jumbo case break page! Don’t wait too long, though. A lot of these teams might not be here for too long!

Welcome back to Crackin’ Wax, my little wax crackers! I hope you all had a pleasant and enjoyable Christmas–even if you don’t celebrate that particular holiday. For those like me who are unable to celebrate until later this week or after the New Year, I wish you a relaxing and fun time.

Before I get back into any real serious topical blogging, I’d better keep rolling with this Custom Card thing. After looking through all of the files, I had forgotten just how many I had actually done. To think I was going to show them one at a time. Yipes.

The optional background music for this post is one of the better acoustic/instrumental demos in my repertoire. It was written and recorded toward the end of my “Spindle” days and was developed further by another band I put together after “Spindle.”

The following cards were designed and assembled at the request of other fellow card collectors. I have seen and heard that some of them have been signed. I’ve also heard of at least one player refusing to sign his due to the large white area incorporated into the design of the card. *shrug*















You might have noticed that the Williams/Dawson card is a GameDay Memorabilia card. I did, in fact, embed a piece of Cubs logo patch into the card and number it 1/1 on the back. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of the finished product, but it looks a lot like the Metrodome card I did… just, ya know… with a Cubs patch instead.

In the next “WIWACCD” I’ll be getting into the 2010 GameDay design–one that features a much more complex design procedure and physical effect. Not sure what I mean? You’ll just have to check it out!


Topps ’13 S1 Jumbo Case Break Raffle This product comes out in about a month–get in now before your slot gets filled!

Mickey Mantle 2009 Topps S1 Manupatch
click to enlarge

Jeter, out. A-rod and Swisher, benched. Verlander, on the hill. Things aren’t looking good for the mighty empire tonight. Watching round two of the Presidential Debate tonight just might be more enjoyable for New York fans. Although tonight may look bleak on paper, there were many brighter times in Yankees history to look back on.

One of those bright spots in Yankees history was, of course, the 1962 World Series. Their last Series win until 1977, they defeated the San Francisco Giants, a team who they could face once again for the title in 2012. Mickey Mantle, featured on this Manupatch card, was part of that epic series that went the full seven.

If you’re interested in this or any of my other trade bait and/or have any cards that I’d like, please propose a trade in the Trade Bait section found at the top of the blog.


It’s just another one of those facets of card collecting commonplace to those that tear into hobby boxes and cases. Yes, the chances are you WILL find one card in your hobby box that will bring immediate value to your collection and/or pocket book. When coming across these cardboard jewels, the hard part is deciding whether to flip or hold.

Again, this dilemma is something that’s not unfamiliar with many collectors. Making the decision of whether to flip or to hold more difficult is the effect of PEDs that STILL remains a problem in the Majors. Sure, you could do your best to predict (read “guess”) who juices and who’s clean, but who could have predicted two years ago that Ryan Braun would have been accused as a juicer?

There is also the immediate allure of the words “case hit”–a card so rare that it only pops up once per case. These cards oftentimes will pull the most value thru sales and trades because of their rarity, their subjects, and their card types. Also, the value of these (and most) cards is typically highest within the first week of product launch. These case hits, however, do not escape the same devaluation over time that most modern day cards endure. The exception, of course, applies to the seemingly sure-fire Hall of Famers. Pull a case hit of Derek Jeter this year and, in all likelihood, the value of that card will increase exponentially the day he is officially elected into the Hall.

2008 Moments & Milestones Alex Rodriguez 500 Career Home Runs Yankee Stadium Wall Relic Case Hit – click to enlarge

Pull a case hit of A-Rod and, well, prepare to be disappointed. That’s exactly what I did and am now doing. In 2008, I purchased a new hobby box of Moments & Milestones–a product I had never ripped before. I was very curious about the set at the time and was well aware of the scarce and then-very-talked-about A-Rod Wall Relic. To my utter surprise, I actually pulled the case hit out of the one and only box of M&M I ever purchased. Realizing the significance of owning a piece of the old Yankee Stadium embedded within a card commemorating a difficult feat accomplished by who I had at the time assumed was a sure-fire Hall of Famer, I decided to hold onto that sucker and tuck it away deep within my personal collection. It would be a point of pride, showing it to friends and family less familiar with trading cards–after all, they are much more easily impressed by cards like this than us Joe Collectors.

Fast forward to Sunday October 14 2012. The Yankees are once again in the playoffs. Derek Jeter has broken his ankle. The team has lost the first game against the Tigers in the ALCS. Alex Rodriguez is being booed by Yankee fans (which makes this Twins fan all tingly inside). While his “maturity” has improved, his performance has become a liability. Most importantly, he is doing more to hurt his team than he is to help his team. From the trading card industry’s standpoint, his popularity and value may be slipping significantly. Case in point, the day that I pulled that A-Rod relic, eBay had many of them listed for well over $100 each with a few sellers asking for–and getting–hundreds for an individual card. Today, you can find the same card listed on eBay as a Buy It Now for as low as just under $9 with free shipping.

Sure, its monetary value has plummeted over the last few years–perhaps due to allegations of PED usage, perhaps due to his recent poor performance, perhaps because Moments & Milestones is not a very popular set–and maybe I could have made a little coin by flipping it, but I still find it to be an intriguing and important piece in my personal collection. The significance of the embedded piece of the historic and now nonexistent old Yankee Stadium is not lost on me, nor is the significance of having pulled a rare case hit out of a random hobby box.

Trading Block #1
Ends June 30 2012

Chien-Ming Wang
2009 UD Icons Chien-Ming Wang Lettermen Patch “A” 20/30

Just throwing out a friendly reminder that we’re still looking for our first trade offer for the current card listed above, the great looking Upper Deck Icons Chien-Ming Wang Lettermen Patch. Things have been going smoothly so far and I’d hate for this to be the speed bump! So, please, if you’re feeling generous and would like to help a great charity or if you just gotta have this card, PLEASE send a trade proposal!

Need more information? Check out the “Trading Up” page!

All of the details about how to help in our quest to raise funds can be found in the Trading Up tab at the top of this blog. It’s quick, easy, painless and for a really good cause.

Throughout 2012, all funds raised will go to The Jack Jablonski Fund. #jabs

The current “Trading Block” closes June 30, 2012. A new one will open July 1, 2012. I will continue “Trading Up” indefinitely.

So go on! Do some good! Proprose a trade! ANY trade! Let’s keep this thing rolling!