Holiday Gift Exchange

Welcome to the Second Annual Crackin’ Wax Holiday Gift Exchange! This will work just like a Secret Santa. Simply enter your shipping info and wishlist to be put into a random drawing. The drawing will then determine to whom you will be sending gifts and will also determine who will be sending gifts to you!

There will be NO spending minimum (you may have something in your PC that your giftee would like)
There will be NO spending limit (who am I to stifle your generosity?)
Sign-ups end on 11/30/2013
Participants will be notified of their giftees’ information on or after 12/1/2013
Gifts should be sent before 1/1/2014
Once you’ve received your gift from your gift-giver, please share it here
I am keeping a list of all participants and their information

Feel free to be as creative as you like. Don’t feel like you absolutely must stick to your giftee’s wish list. If your giftee has a blog, visit it and find out more about him/her.

Want to join in on the fun? All you need to do is click on the graphic above and sign up. That’s it!

  1. Of the few people in the world, I am one of the few that don’t have a facebook. I would have loved to joined the free bubingo game, but of the facebook necessasity. I could and easily dealt with being unable to participate in it and hoping just to get the cards I wanted possibly from the take my cards freebies, but now you bring up the secret santa promotion and I WOULD LOVE to be a part of it. So, I am wondering if I am out of luck, have to make a facebook to be in, or another option. Thanks, Manmadeofsteel.

  2. Lauriontj says:

    I’m in the same boat as manmadeofsteel. I have no Facebook either. Would love to join in the fun! Lmk.

  3. I want to be apart of this but, I can’t seem to find form to sign up

  4. Toby J says:

    ok so i dont know if i would have anything in anyo es wish list or anything like that but i would love to be a part and share my wealth of cards with people and hopefully hit some wants of others. how do i join or anything like that.

  5. Ed says:

    how many people have signed up for the gift exchange?

  6. Ed says:

    sweet. i was hopin’ you got quite a few. this should be fun. thanks for doing this. ed

  7. jaybarkerfan says:

    Too late?

  8. Just Mailed my package out!!

  9. Ed says:

    woo hoo. this is gonna be fun.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Mailed mine out a week agp

  11. I just opened my gift from Julie @ and was very appreciative I hope everyone had as much fun with the gift giving as I did!!

  12. Micah says:

    Mailed mine out today,

  13. Gabe says:

    I just got my package postmarked from Des Moines, Iowa and signed from Santa! Awesome stuff! 3 cards from Gold Standard, 1 jersey card from my hometown Raptors and 2 other numbered cards. Also written that he thought it was better if I opened my own Threads and sent 3 awesome packs! A case hit and 2 jersey inserts, one of which autographed by Norris Cole of the Heat! Thanks to my Santa! Really appreciate the gift!

  14. Jonathan Hoffman says:

    Mailed mine out today!

  15. Santa from Keokuk, IA sent me a 2007 Legendary Contenders Eric Dickerson base /100, Bradford Topps base RC, some David Freese base cards, a 2000 UD MVP Jose Vidro auto, a Black Diamond Chris George USA jersey card, Signature Stars Ross Ohlendorf auto, nice looking 2003 Fleer Showcase Clinton Portis GU patch /999, and my favorite was a 2005 Topps Pristine Kirk Hinrich jersey /500. Thanks Santa!

  16. Tim says:

    Exchange gift received all the way from St. Paul, MN. Thanks for hosting. It was definitely fun.

  17. Worried I sent to little…..Got some pretty nice cards for my pc…..I am 100% sure I know who sent me my gift! Thanks to him……If you think I should list or want me to list what I got or say who sent my gift jlmk. Thanks Topher for organizing this. Sent mine on the 30th in a pwe. Hope they appreciate what I sent them.

  18. Tribecards says:

    So… Do we put our mailing address in the comments on the form where your graphic links? Does everyone in the world see those?

    • topher says:

      No, when you sign up, there’s a place to enter your address. The only people that will be able to see that is you, the admin (me) and the person sending your gift after names are drawn. :)

  19. Kevin Alan says:


    Hey buddy!

    I can’t get the custom want list to add to my wantlist like others had! I was trying to ask for USED Working IPod Touch with Web ect but all it linked was $250+ version. And can I have the person I’m sending to now purtty please?

    It’ll take me an while to get my stuff for my Santa I’m being Santa for!


    • topher says:

      When adding to your wishlist, there are three tabs: Search, Link, Text. You can add anything you want just by typing it into the Text tab, however you’re more likely to get trading cards and trading card related items in this gift exchange. Also, name drawing will be taking place automatically for everyone on December 1. There is no way I can draw for one person before that date. Hope you understand. :)


  20. Kyle says:

    Hi topher, are Canadian members welcomed to join in too? And will you be matching (if there’s enough) people from the same country so the gift woud get to them ASAP and not get stuck at customs? And what system do you use to make sure everyone recieves a gift and no one ends up with nothing? (Not that I think it will happen, but just in case) Thanks, hopefully I can join in!

    • topher says:

      Of course Canadians are welcome! Country matching is a nice idea but way too hard to manage at this time. Perhaps in the future if Elfster makes that a feature. Right now the only way to prove someone did not receive a gift is on their word unless they have tracking information that can back up their claim.

  21. Kyle says:

    Also, can it be any sports card you can give, or one specific? Because I do not have nearly as many of baseball, football and basketball as I do of hockey, and don’t want my reciever to get disappointed if I don’t have many.

  22. Jeremy Markell says:

    Year 2 count me in signed up

  23. JEREMY MARKELL says:


  24. I never heard if my Canadian giftee got his!

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