2013 Allen & Ginter



CASE BREAK: 8/11/13 6pm CST
RAFFLE: 8/14/13 7pm CST

All dates and times subject to change

See all of the hits at my Sports Card Album!

All cards from one case of 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter’s will be used for this break. You pick the team slot(s) you would like, pay for your slot(s), and I send you your new cards after the break! An additional hobby box and a Mystery Prize Pack featuring a hard-to-find uncut sheet of 2013 Series 1 from Topps will be given away. Along with your paid slot(s), you will receive one free raffle slot for the hobby box giveaway for each full team slot you purchase. The Mystery Prize Pack will be available only to those who donate. After all team slots have been filled, raffle slots will be open to the general public for a $5 donation per raffle slot. During this time, you may donate for either prize–or both! Whether or not you have paid for a team slot, you cannot request a $5 raffle slot until all team slots have been filled. The raffle slots are unlimited, so you are allowed to request as many as you wish after all team slots have been filled!

Want to lock in a slot but don’t have the funds to pay for the entire slot right now? Just pay a non-refundable $20 deposit per slot now, then pay off what you can when you can! Your non-refundable deposit(s) will go towards the payment of your slot(s). All pre-paid slots must be fully paid by July 1 2013.

Unlike in past case breaks, and due to feedback for this particular product, there will be NO dupe sharing or half slots.

Now that all of the team slots have been filled, you are able to request raffle slots for either the sealed box of 2013 Allen & Ginter or a Mystery Prize Pack by clicking on either or both of the PayPal Donate buttons found below (just above the team board). These PayPal Donate buttons will be live until one full week after the case arrives. All post-fee** PayPal Donations for these raffle slots will be donated to MLB’s RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities). RBI is a Major League Baseball initiative whose mission is to increase urban and inner city youth interest and participation in baseball and softball by re-introducing, reviving, and rebuilding America’s pastime in underserved communities (from bgca.org).


This case break will be broadcast live right here on this page at 7pm Central on the first Wednesday after the raffle slot request window has expired*. I will be focusing more on the hits and other cards of interest in order to keep the video at a reasonable length. Video of the case break will be uploaded to YouTube and will be made available here.

Immediately following the case break* I will be conducting a raffle. It will be broadcast live right here on this page and I will be using random.org to select the winner of the additional sealed hobby box of 2013 Allen & Ginter and the Mystery Prize Pack. Video of the raffle will be uploaded to YouTube and will be made available for your inspection here. The additional sealed hobby box of 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter will be made available to those participating in the break as well as those who have donated. The Mystery Prize Pack featuring the uncut sheet of Topps 2013 S1 will be made available ONLY to those who have donated.

Contents of the Mystery Prize Pack consist of items donated by card collectors, bloggers, fans, card companies and vendors. These items and the names of those who donated them will not be revealed until after the winner of this prize has been selected and announced. However, as of 6/4/13, including the uncut sheet of 2013 Series 1 from Topps, the Prize Pack will contain autograph cards, relic/memorabilia cards and a prize donated by a current MLB player!

click to view full size

click to view full size

FULL DISCLOSURE–the uncut sheet arrived with damage on the bottom left corner.

click to view full size

click to view full size

In the event that a card is pulled in which multiple teams are represented, the participant with the majority team slot ownership will receive the card. For instance, if a card features the Yankees, Dodgers and Astros and one participant owned the Dodgers and Astros slots, the card would go to that participant. However, if there is a tie in team slot ownership, the card will be awarded at random. For instance, if a card features the Yankees, Dodgers, Astros and Rangers and each team slot was owned by an individual participant, one of the four participants would be randomly selected to win that particular card.

In the event that a card is pulled in which the team represented is now playing in another city and/or has changed names, it will be assigned to its current counterpart’s slot. For instance, all Montreal Expos cards will be assigned to the Washington Nationals.

Milwaukee Brewers (1901) ► St. Louis Browns (1902-1953) ► Baltimore Orioles (1954-Pres)
Boston Somersets (1901-1902) ► Boston Americans (1903-1907) ► Boston Red Sox (1908-Pres)
Chicago White Stockings (1901-1903) ► Chicago White Sox (1904-Pres)
Cleveland Blues (1901-1904) ► Cleveland Naps (1905-1914) ► Cleveland Indians (1915-Pres)
Houston Colt .45s (1962-1964) ► Houston Astros (1965-Pres)
Los Angeles Angels (1961-1964) ► California Angels (1965-1996) ► Anaheim Angels (1997-2004) ► Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2005-Pres)
Washington Senators (1901-1904) ► Washington Nationals (1905-1954) ► Washington Senators (1955-1960) ► Minnesota Twins (1961-Pres)
Baltimore Orioles (1901-1902) ► New York Highlanders (1903-1912) ► New York Yankees (1913-Pres)
Philadelphia Athletics (1901-1954) ► Kansas City Athletics (1955-1967) ► Oakland Athletics (1968-Pres)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2007) ► Tampa Bay Rays (2008-Pres)
Washington Senators (1961-1971) ► Texas Rangers (1972-Pres)
Boston Beaneaters (1883-1906) ► Boston Doves (1907-1910) ► Boston Rustlers (1911) ► Boston Bees (1936-1940) ► Boston Braves (1912-1952) ► Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965) ► Atlanta Braves (1966-Pres)
Cincinnati Redlegs (1954-1959) ► Cincinnati Reds (1890-Pres)
Brooklyn Superbas (1899-1910) ► Brooklyn Robins (1914-1931) ► Brooklyn Dodgers (1911-1957) ► Los Angeles Dodgers (1958-Pres)
Florida Marlins (1993-2011) ► Miami Marlins (2012-Pres)
Seattle Pilots (1969) ► Milwaukee Brewers (1970-Pres)
New York Giants (1876-1957) ► San Francisco Giants (1958-Pres)
Montreal Expos (1969-2004) ► Washington Nationals (2005-Pres)

All other unclaimed cards will be randomly awarded to one participant per unclaimed card.

If you secure at least one full team slot and do not receive at least one hit from the case break, you’ll receive a $5 refund! If you do not receive any cards whatsoever from the case break, you’ll get a FULL refund!

You will receive a $5 refund if it has been confirmed by me that you participated in the 2013 Topps Series 1 case break.

To pay for your team slot(s), first scan through the team board (found below) to see if your team is available. If your team is available, simply PayPal no less than $20 as a payment for goods or services to crackinwax [at] varsitytradingcards [dot] com. Since this is not an automatic purchase, the team board will only be updated when I am able to do so. Because of this, if your team slot is actually unavailable, your purchase for that unavailable team slot will be refunded.

I will need the following information from you when paying for your team slots. 1) Which team(s) you are purchasing, 2) Your e-mail address and, 3) Your complete shipping address. Please also indicate whether your payment is a downpayment, a supplemental payment or a full payment. Failure to report any or all of this required information will make my face explode***.

*All times and dates are subject to change.
**PayPal charges a fee of approximately $0.45 for every $5 donation. Approximately $4.55 of your $5 donation will actually be donated.
***This may or may not actually happen.

ag_ham ag_jc_au ag_rjj ag_crj

Now that all slots have been secured, I am accepting entries for the prizes listed below! To enter for either or both of these prizes, simply click the respective PayPal Donate buttons to donate $5 to MLB’s RBI. After your donation has been received, you will be entered for a chance to win the prize for which you entered during the live raffle after the case break! Each $5 donation earns you 1 entry for the prize you choose. Entries are unlimited, so feel free to donate as much or as little as you like for either or both prizes!



Thanks to you, we were able to raise…

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 11.11.52 AM



  1. James R. says:

    Does this mean I can claim the Cardinals? Lol.

  2. James Hyde says:

    I want the Rangers

  3. steve says:

    Twins! Twins! Twins!

  4. Steve z says:

    Crap. Missed out on the Twins. Snooze u lose.

  5. Kent Ritchie says:

    I’ll take the Brewers. Send me info as to where I paypal the fees.

  6. Just sent balance for D-backs.

  7. Matt says:

    Do the non-baseball cards and wacky random inserts fall into the “All other unclaimed cards will be randomly awarded to one participant per unclaimed card” rule? ie: Are you just going to random off the non-baseball cards?

    Also, what about non-baseball hits (if we can even call them that), like those “seed cards” or the Sea Monkeys from years past? Same thing, even though they’re slightly more rare?

    • Matt says:

      From the press release, just as an example:

      “The release also has some much rarer relic cards. One-of-one DNA Relics have a hair from one of ten historical figures. Famous guitarists are featured in Select Picks Relics (1/1). Each has a guitar pick embedded into the card. As the name suggests, framed Oddity Relics have unusual pieces in them. If you’re afraid of spiders, avoid the Arachnology Cards. Each has a full-sized spider displayed as a card. If you have arachnophobia, don’t fret — they’re inserted as redemptions.”

  8. Jason says:

    I really want to try this break, but I am going to think about the Rockies slot…I’m going to go over the checklist and get back to you soon. If someone takes the slot before I decide that would be fine. Thanks!

  9. Rod Richards says:

    sending a $20 deposit for the Padres

  10. bighousesection9 says:

    Ok, it says on Twitter $10 off the Tigers price, so I guess that’ll twist my arm enough to take it.

  11. bighousesection9 says:

    let me know if you need me to forward you the receipt.

    • topher says:

      Payment just showed up. Thanks! If you got skunked in S1, you should have received a $5 bill in your box of cards from the break. Also, if you were in the S1 case break, you’ll be getting a $5 loyalty discount refund from me. Thanks!

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