Spring Fever, Silver Slate, Turkey Red, Heritage, Allen & Ginter, Finest… GAH!

Posted: February 22, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in 2013, Allen & Ginter, Finest, Heritage, Topps
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I’ve got a TON of topics to cover and, thankfully, not much to say about any of them. Let’s get to it, shall we?

sf_oc Big congratulations to Ross from Design On Deck! He’s now the proud owner of this super slick looking autographed Orlando Cepeda pulled from 1 of the 5 Spring Fever redemption packs via the ’13S1 case break we did a few weeks ago.
Silver Slate wrapper redemption packs are due to ship the beginning of March. It has yet to be confirmed but I am fairly certain I will be receiving five packs. Just like with the Spring Fever redemption cards, the Silver Slates belong to those who participated in the ’13S1 case break.
trout_smpl According to UPS, the 10 boxes of ’13 Turkey Red that I ordered should arrive Monday. If they do, in fact, arrive Monday, I will break them live on the blog at 7pm Central Monday night. You Raw viewers will just have to DVR it for one night. ;) Should they arrive on Tuesday instead, the live break will be at 7pm Central that night. The same can be said for Wednesday and Thursday night as well. You are not required to watch the live broadcast. Just know that I will be tearing into them the day that they arrive–which SHOULD be Monday.
The Contest Entry Window for the Heritage BoBuBingo closes 11:59:59pm Central on Friday March 1 2013. That means you’ve got just ONE MORE WEEK to take part of this really fun 2-box group break featuring a unique game of bingo. Get a bingo and you can snipe away someone’s hit! Not only that, lock in a team in Box 1 and you can get a random team in Box 2 for just $5! Want to learn more? Ready to sign up? Just go visit the 2013 Topps Heritage BoBuBingo page now!
I’ve been receiving a LOT of interest about my next case break–2013 Topps Allen & Ginter. I will begin taking down payments on slots AFTER the Heritage break. Before that, however, I would like a little feedback. I originally wanted to do the case break just like the ’13S1 ($5 skunk protection, dupe sharing, charity box raffle, etc.) but I think I’d like to do a few things differently. First off, half team slots didn’t seem to make much of a difference, so I’ll be doing away with those for this break. The big change that I’m considering is keeping as much of the master set, minus the hits, for myself. I’d be throwing $300 of my own money into it. I’d be keeping one copy of each card pulled–this includes base, SPs, minis and inserts. This would NOT include hits or toploaders. If I do that, the average slot would cost somewhere around $45. If I don’t keep the master set, then the average cost per slot would go up to around $60. Keep in mind that you’d get a $5 discount if you were in my ’13S1 case break AND you’d get another $5 if you come out of the case break with zero hits. That brings the average down to as low as $35 if I keep the master or $50 if I don’t. Let me know what your thoughts are before I decide!
The big baseball card news today from Topps was a first look at their 20th Anniversary edition of Finest. According to Beckett.com’s first look report, it seems that Topps is turning back the clock on the set and revisiting past Finest designs. No word on whether Topps will use film guard. Finest has always been hit or miss with me. The first hobby box of Finest that I ever opened yielded a Frank Thomas printing plate. The following year yielded an epic collation fail–I pulled two autographed rookie manupatches. The fail? They were both the same card. Same letter and everything. One was a refractor, though, so I guess they weren’t 100% identical, but still. Finest usually hits me as being a gorgeous set or a gaudy one. It looks as though, perhaps in homage to the designs of the 90s, they’ve gone full blown ugly. Perhaps that’s just the charm of the set.
  1. docholoday says:

    In reference to the case of Ginter, would you keep a card if it was the only one of it’s kind pulled? My only concern is getting a full team set for myself, including SPs and/or minis. If I short print is really hard to pull, and you pull just one of them, would you keep it, or give it to the team it’s from?

    I’d rather pay $60 and get my set than $35 and miss out because there wasn’t a dupe. I’m completely ok with giving up my dupes, but having just a single copy of a short print or mini happens, alot, especially with Ginter.

    Just my $0.02

    • topher says:

      If I were to try to put the master set together, then, yes, I’d be keeping solo cards. It’s not a priority for me to do the master set, so I’m flexible.

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