2013 Topps Spring Fever Redemption 5 Pack Rip – RESULTS (Video)

Posted: February 21, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in 2013, Topps
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Little did I know that the first time I recorded the rip, my PC only captured the first 5 seconds of it. Next major purchase? MacBook Pro.
  1. Why the Hell are you apologizing ??? Many thanks for this and please do the series2 break for topps!!

  2. Look at the refurbished macs on apple.com. Save you a couple hundred and you get the same warranty.

  3. gcrl says:

    hey topher – would you let me know when you send these out? or if you are up for a local pickup? also, will you be doing an s2 break?

    • topher says:

      I’m just waiting on Silver Slates to get here, then I’ll be sending them out. :)

    • topher says:

      …also, I haven’t gotten very good feedback about doing an S2 case break yet, but I’ll be more than happy to do one if I can get enough people on board. I think most people are more interested in the A&G break.

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