WIWaCCD: 2010 Non-Twins

Posted: January 22, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in 2010, GameDay Graphers
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This post wraps up the 2010 GameDay Graphers portion of the “When I Was a Custom Card Designer” series but comes nowhere near closing the book on my custom cards from that year. As cliche as this will sound, it honestly is true–I’m just getting started.

With the exception of two cards, the above customs were whipped up for fellow bloggity friends. The Brett Favre Vikings card, the first and only GameDay Grapher football card that I put together, was designed for my Viking-loving, Packer-hating mother-in-law. The Lince-bum was made for my wife the night the Giants won the World Series. He, at the time, was one of my wife’s favorites. He’s fallen a bit off the map as of late and I feel that my wife’s affection for him has followed suit. In my opinion, the Lincecum is the best looking of 2010s. Of course it is. It’s the last one I made! It took me til the final card to figure out the proper player size proportion and to perfect the light burst technique. The light streaks are all headed in believable directions and are layered correctly. Notice how little burst of light pass in front of his face, through his arms and between his legs. I’m not saying that the overall design is perfect, mind you, but as far as that particular design goes, I think that’s the best looking of the bunch.

I begin the long and arduous task of unveiling 2010 GameDay OldSchool, a set that followed the Minnesota Twins, game-by-game, throughout the entire 2010 season, their first season at Target Field. Each card from that set was made the day of the game depicted on each respective card. The set includes the two exhibition games before the start of the regular season as well as their postseason games. Oh, and, by the way, it doesn’t end there. There’s still another 2010 set after all of the OldSchools. Get ready for the long haul, kids!


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