Topps 2013 Series 1 – By the Numbers

Posted: January 17, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in 2013, Topps
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I took the better part of the day today breaking apart and compiling a data sheet illustrating the team distribution and breakdown of Topps’ 2013 Series 1 Baseball product using their announced checklist. Just as with any other set produced by any company, the checklist is subject to change. There could be additions or subtractions as well as inserts, short prints and other surprise hits that were not announced.

The numbers were broken down into three categories; Base, Inserts and Hits. Using this checklist, these are the cards that were and were not counted.

BASE (318)
+ All announced cards that were assigned to one specific team
+ Card #331 which was announced as part of the base set (not a short print)
– Card #7 which was not officiall announced (likely Mickey Mantle SP)
– Multi-team cards

+ “Out of Bounds” Base Short Prints
+ 1972 Topps Minis
+ Calling Card
+ Chasing History
+ Chasing the Dream
+ Cut to the Chase
+ The Greats
+ Pennant Chase Code Cards
– Base Parallel Cards (except for 1-of-1’s)

HITS (2332)
+ Base Platinum Parallel 1-of-1’s
+ Base Printing Plates (4 per base card)
+ Base Set Autographed Short Prints
+ Silk Collection
+ 1972 Topps Mini Relics and Autographs
+ Calling Card Relics, Autographs and Autograph Relics
+ Chasing History Relics, Autographs and Autograph Relics
+ Chasing the Dream Relics, Autographs and Autograph Relics
+ Cut to the Chase Relics, Autographs and Autograph Relics
+ Cy Young Award Winners Manufactured Relics
+ MVP Award Winners Manufactured Relics
+ Silver Slugger Trophy Manufactured Relics
+ Proven Mettle Coins Copper, Wrought Iron and Steel
+ SF Giants World Series Relics, Autographs and Autograph Relics
+ Miguel Cabrera Triple Crown Relics and Autographs
+ The Greats Relics, Autographs and Autograph Relics
+ In The Name Relics
+ Chasing History Cut Signatures (except those not assigned to current MLB teams)
+ The Ultimate Chase
– Commemorative Patch Manufactured Relics (Retail Blasters Only)
– Rookie Patch Manufactured Relics (Retail Blasters Only)

Some interesting numbers that I culled from the supplied checklist:
The Yankees have 143 hits, making up over 6% of all hits and 5% of the total checklist.
The Yankees have more total cards in this set than any other team (188).
The Yankees have the most inserts (27). The second most is the Dodgers (12).
The Twins have the fewest base cards (4), hits (24) and total cards (33).
The Astros have the fewest insert cards (2).
Thanks to their World Series win, the Giants have the most hits (153).
Thanks to Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown, the Tigers have the 5th most hits (110) and total cards (127).
Hits make up 80% of the total product yet are the hardest to pull.
Base cards make up 11% of the total product.
12 teams have more than 100 total cards each.
4 teams have fewer than 60 total cards each.
Non-current MLB teams represented include Grays, Senators and Eagles.

For more detailed breakdowns, please refer to the data sheet below.


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  1. jim.gratner says:

    That’s some good work, thanks for this! I’m a little surprised, sometimes it seems like any Cubs card should count as a hit, I almost never pull a Cubbie from a pack.

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