We’re getting down to the final weeks before Topps lets loose with their first product of 2013, Series 1 Baseball! For those new to the blog, I’m conducting my first ever case break and I’m using Topps ’13 S1! Whether or not you’re familiar with case breaks, it’s highly unlikely you’ve ever been in a case break quite like mine. Check out the dirty details down below…

Not only could one of the lucky participants of this case break walk away with the cards and hits from their slot(s), they could also be the proud new owners of a brand new, freshly sealed jumbo box pulled straight out of the case! It’s all part of the raffle conducted during Crackin’ Wax Case Breaks!

Think you’ll end up with way too many cards with just one full slot? Maybe the price of one full slot is a little out of your budget? I offer half slots! At just half the price of a full slot, you’ll get all the cards from either the first half of the break or the second half of the break AND you’ll still get a chance at the jumbo box giveaway!

Going after more than just one team? Trying to knock out a good chunk of the base set? You can elect to give up your base dupes to the Community Dupes pile. In return, you’ll receive base dupes from the Community Dupes pile!

If you secure at least one full team slot and do not receive at least one hit from the case break, you’ll receive a $5 refund! If you do not receive any cards whatsoever from the case break, you’ll get a FULL refund!

You will receive a $5 refund if it has been confirmed by me that you participated in the case break immediately previous to the case break you are currently joining. That means if you participate in the ’13 S1 Jumbo case break, you’ll get a $5 refund if you join in on the very next case break!

As of this very moment, these are the teams with full slots remaining…

…and this is the only team left with just one half slot remaining…

Ready to jump in? Need a little more information? Just head on over to the Topps ’13 S1 Jumbo case break page! Don’t wait too long, though. A lot of these teams might not be here for too long!


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