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Posted: January 2, 2013 by Crackin' Wax in 2013, Case Break, Topps
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It’s a brand new year and what lies ahead in the ever-shortening distance is the first series of the next annual installment of Topps’ flagship baseball card product. This much anticipated set is expected to land on shelves at the end of this month at a fairly typical price point.

This year’s set’s theme is “The Chase” and does not appear to deviate much from the standard that Topps has established in the past few years. With a base set of 330, multiple styles of parallels for each base card, and a multitude of insert sets, Topps is sticking with what works. Making a return is the popular retro minis–this go around featuring the memorable 1972 design.

Rounding out the set are the usual suspects of die cuts, autos and relics as well as a newer staple in Topps products–the manufactured relic, featuring mini trophies and coins. Topps is also providing yet another online code redemption program with “The Million Dollar Chase.”

Let’s dive a little deeper into what we can expect with the 2013 S1 set, shall we?

When the first images of the 2013 flagship design were released, they were met with plenty of excitement and applause. It seems Topps might have felt the football themed design of their 2012 Football set was well received and may have decided to implement the same design theory to the new line of baseball cards–using a baseball theme, of course. I’m all for it and am not even bothered by the amount of white space used. I can’t wait to see what this set looks like in physical form. As mentioned before, Topps is staying true to the 330-card-set formula. As of this posting, there is no official word on any short prints but if history is any indication, you can bet your sweet bippy there are bound to be a few–especially with all of the big off-season moves.

The base set is also available in the following parallels: Emerald (1:6 packs), Gold (#/2013), Desert Camouflage (#/99), Hobby-only Black (#/62), Pink (#/50), Hobby-only Printing Plates (4-colors, 1/1 each color) and Platinum (1/1). 100 cards from the base set will also get the Hobby-only Silk Collection parallel treatment (#/50).

Just as with many of Topps’ flagship releases, this set appears to be virtually drowning in inserts. Personally, I could do with fewer insert sets, but collectors must love them or else I doubt Topps would include quite so many. When tearing through packs from this set, keep your eyes peeled for the following inserts:

Calling Cards (15 players)
Calling Cards Relics (25 players, #/25)
Calling Cards Autograph Relics (10 players, #/5, Hobby and HTA only)

Chasing History (50 players)
Chasing History Relics (40+ players)
Chasing History Autographs (30+ players)
Chasing History Autograph Relics (15 players, #/25, Hobby and HTA only)
Chasing History Cut Signatures (1/1)

Chasing the Dream (25 players)
Chasing the Dream Relics (20+ players)
Chasing the Dream Autographs (20+ players)
Chasing the Dream Autograph Relics (10 players, #/25, Hobby and HTA only)

Cut to the Chase–Die Cut Chrome (25 players)
Cut to the Chase Relics (10 players, #/25)
Cut to the Chase Autographs (5 players, #/10)

In the Name Relics (1/1, Hobby and HTA only)

The Greats (30 players, Hobby and HTA only, Gold parallels #/99)
The Greats Relics (25 players, #/25, Hobby and HTA only)
The Greats Autographs (15 players, #/10, Hobby and HTA only)

1972 Topps Minis (50 players)
1972 Topps Minis Relics (15 players, #/25)
1972 Topps Minis Autographs (10 players, #/10)

World Series Champions Relics (15 players, #/100)
World Series Champions Autographs (5 players, #/10)
World Series Champions Autograph Relics (5 players, #/50, Hobby and HTA only)

MVP Award Winners Commemorative Relic (15 players, Hobby and HTA only)

Proven Mettle Coins (15 players, Copper #/99, Wrought Iron #/50, Steel #/10, Hobby and HTA only)

Cy Young Award Winner Commemorative Relic (15 players, Hobby and HTA only)

The Ultimate Chase (30 players, 1/1)

As is abundantly evident, Topps has provided plenty for collectors of all types to chase–from kids to adults and set builders to hit seekers, it seems that Topps hasn’t forgotten about anyone. I am curious, however, to see just how much airbrushing and team-switching will have taken place to accommodate updated team rosters for the start of the fast-approaching 2013 baseball season.

If after seeing this preview your appetite is sufficiently whetted and you can’t wait to crack into some Topps ’13 S1, then you may be interested in my first ever case break! It’s not your typical case break, though. Oh, no. I can’t do things as per usual here at Crackin’ Wax. As part of the case break experience, I will be giving away one of the jumbo hobby boxes from the case to one lucky participant! Not only would you get all of your team’s cards from the break, you could also be the proud new owner of a full, fresh, sealed jumbo hobby box of Topps ’13 S1! All the details can be found in the Topps ’13 S1 Jumbo page found under the Crackin’ Wax Case Breaks menu at the top of the blog. Don’t miss out on this fantastic event!

  1. Patrick says:

    You shouldn’t be doing reviews on cards that you don’t have in your possession, nor have any idea of how the backs look like.

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