LAST DAY TO SIGN UP for BoBuBingo and the Holiday Gift Exchange!!

Posted: November 30, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in BoBuBingo, Gift Exchange
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If you’ve been waiting for just the right moment to sign up for this incredible game of BoBuBingo, sponsored by the amazing folks at Panini, this is it! After 11:59pm Central tonight, no more entries will be accepted! DO NOT miss out on this ridiculously cool game with great prizes, all for a good cause!

Need more info? Ready to sign up? Just go to the Panini Charity Double BoBuBingo page at the top of the blog and get started!


Entries for the 1st Annual Crackin’ Wax Holiday Gift Exchange will no longer be accepted after 11:59pm Central tonight! Entrants will receive an e-mail from me on or after December 1 2012 with information about their giftee. Worried that there aren’t enough people signed up? Don’t be. While I won’t reveal the exact number of participants, I can tell you that as I’m writing this there are between 10 and 100 people participating! Remember, there is no spending minimum OR limit!

Need more information? Want to participate? Just go to the Holiday Gift Exchange page at the top of the blog and get started!


Panini Charity Double BoBuBingo will be played LIVE at 7pm Central Wednesday December 5 2012!
Topps ’13 S1 Jumbo Case Break Raffle Plenty of teams still available including the Rays, Blue Jays, Yankees, Red Sox and Rangers!

  1. Toby J says:

    dang i missed the gift thing i couldnt find the form then finally read the one comment like 3 days too late oh well i hope everyone has fun with it and gets all the cards they can hope for

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