ebay Thievery – Part 1

Posted: November 7, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in ebay Thievery
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Okay, it’s clear that, if I intend to make this a multi-part bit on the blog, I need to come up with some clever and fancy looking header graphic. Maybe even a better title. For now, this will have to do until I can squeeze out some formatting creativity.

Many of us cardboard geeks have trolled ebay looking for missing pieces to our collections. Sometimes we’re simply checking out silly good deals on random things that maybe we don’t particularly need but would still like to have. We’ve even been known to purposely misspell player and team names just to see if an incorrectly listed item has gone undetected with no bids and still sitting at the tantalizing price of just one penny short of a dollar.

What? You’ve never done that before? Try it some time. You’ll be amazed at how much money a little good old fashioned poor American spelling and grammar will save you.

While on one of my occasional trips thru the ‘bay looking for cheap Twins RC AUs, I came across one card that was on my Want List, and one card that looked nice for the price, even if I didn’t need it. Both auctions ended in my favor and cost me just over $3 total.

Joe Benson ’12 Bowman Chrome RC AU

The first card was one that was on my Want List, a Twins RC AU. In fact, just before I won this auction, I was in talks with another collector to trade for a parallel version of this very card.

It’s a base version of Mr. Joe Benson’s autographed Rookie Card. Originally, I was unaware that the black bordered RC AUs were not parallels. While it is a chrome card, it comes from the standard Bowman set, not from the Bowman Chrome set. Regardless, it was still a Twins RC AU that I was after and it happened to pop up during a search. So, there it sat in my watch list until just minutes before the end of the auction. I was just the third bidder on that particular auction and came away with a nice piece to my collection for the low-low price of $1.50!

Chris Parmelee ’12 Topps Finest Jumbo Relic RC GU AU Xfractor 131/299

The second steal was a card I wasn’t even looking for. Narrowing my ebay search to 2012 Topps Minnesota Twins and selecting the Rookie Cards and Autographs categories, I found a ridiculously nice looking Chris Parmelee Finest auto complete with a jumbo swatch (roughly double the size of their normal swatches) and Xfractor technology. Oh, yeah. Did I mention that it’s #’d/299? Parmelee has a ton of potential and is expected to eventually take over for Justin Morneau, so you’d expect a card like this to be at least in double-digit territory. I watched, and watched, and watched. I let the timer tick down to the final seconds and sniped the crap out of that card! I was just the fourth bidder and snuck out with that amazing card that now resides in my PC for an incredible $1.80!

Don’tcha just love ebay? Problem is, now that I’ve pretty much stolen these cards, all I want to do now is scour ebay for the cheapest and coolest cards that I can find! Makes me wonder what I’ll find next…

BTW… how many of you WordPress users DO NOT check the “This post is super-awesome” box before posting? I always do. I wonder what it does?

  1. Found some nice Twins AUs myself recently. I do not use the “super-awesome” box due to truth-in-advertising laws.

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