First Round of Panini BoBuBingo in TWO WEEKS!

Posted: September 12, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in BoBuBingo, Panini
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Can you believe that the first round of Panini BoBuBingo is already only two weeks away? I’m so stoked for this! In case you haven’t already heard, Panini is donating TWO freshly sealed hobby boxes of cards for us to play BoBuBingo–a type of Bingo in which players can win hits! Can you believe that? They’re GIVING us boxes! Now, typically, you could spend upwards of $15 for a group break BoBuBingo. But, get this… it’s only $5! Not only that, all cards that are not awarded will be given away (you’ll be able to find them in the Take My Cards portion of the blog). Not only that, the $5 you spend per BoBuBingo card that you purchase will be going to charity! I don’t make a cent. Panini doesn’t make a penny. You get a fun game, free cards, and the chance at winning hits–AND you get to help a great cause for ONLY $5 per BoBuBingo card. Seriously! That’s, like… a gallon of milk!

Oh, but wait, believe it or not, there’s STILL more. Not only is Panini donating two boxes of cards, they’re also donating a super secret surprise BoBuBingo Redemption as the GRAND PRIZE!! This means that, for the first time ever, I can absolutely GUARANTEE that there will be at LEAST one winner!

So let’s rewind for just a moment. For as little as just a paper Lincoln, you could potentially win every hit out of each box, you could win the grand prize redemption, you can take some cards for free, and you’ll be helping out a charity!


Seriously… how could you NOT play?

The first round is in two weeks and we’ll be using a sweet ol’ box of Rookies & Stars football. These are some of the hits that you could possibly win…

You’re telling me those amazing looking hits wouldn’t interest you? What’s that? You’re more into baseball? Well, you’re in luck! Round 2 will feature the yet-to-be-released Cooperstown Collection!

Wanna sign up? Need to learn more? Just head on up to the Panini Charity Double BoBuBingo menu at the top of the blog!

For reals, folks… DO NOT MISS THIS!


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