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The Art of Over-Thinking

Posted: April 26, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in The Art of Over-Thinking

It’s not often that I sling open the shutters and reveal any bits of my personal life. This rare occasion comes with great pride as I welcome you all to one of the best kept secrets in my corner of the webbernets. It’s an on-again off-again literary adventure that is back on again and its sole contributor is none other than my much better half. Hell, she may even be my best 3/4. Let’s just not talk about my other 25%, mmkay?

“The Art of Over-Thinking” was born kicking and screaming on January 8 of 2008 and, while it has had its share of blog sabbaticals, not an unentertaining word has yet to be published by Mrs. Wax. Ooh! Can I call her that from now on? She has an incredible talent for writing and is hilarious to boot. It’s obvious she has an amazing sense of humor. I mean, come on. She’s married to a baseball card guy. We don’t have the best of wraps. We’re sandwiched somewhere between Comic Book Guy and D&D Guy. Oh, what I’d give to be a Gamer Guy.

Mmm… sandwich. Mmm… wraps.

…train of thought, you’ve gone off your tracks…

Oh, yes. “The Over-Thinker’s” blog. Please do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to read some of her work. I suggest starting with her first post and one of my personal favorites.