FT: Prince Fielder ’12 Gypsy Queen GU

Posted: April 23, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in 2012, For Trade, Game Used, Gypsy Queen, Topps
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Prince Fielder
Who Says You Never Pull Anything Good Out of a Blaster?
(…I mean, I pulled two!…)

So, last week during BoBuBingo, a lot of you saw me geek out over something I was completely absolutely totally not expecting–a hit! TWO hits, even! One in each blaster, even! One of those sweet hits being the card pictured above, the awesome Prince Fielder framed mini game used relic card!

I could easily toss this up on eBay and flip it for a few bucks, but I’d much rather trade it. As always, I’m looking for Twins RC AUs. If you think we can work out a trade, please, by all means, post your trade offer here!


  1. Tyler richards says:

    I got a joe Mauer autographed baseball and I was wandering if u wanted to trade or something

  2. Tyler richards says:

    This is pretty stupid but I’m not the richest kid in fact I’m not rich at all but I was wondering if u can send me some baseball packs to open cause my bday is in a couple of weeks and yeah my address is 1367 Romeo ct chaska, Minnesota 55318 thanks!!

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