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Mail Day
I’ve Been Redeemed!
(…and it makes me feel all golden inside…)

Most of us remember the pure enjoyment of busting open 2012 Topps Series 1 and the pure bliss of painstakingly entering each and every single Golden Giveaway code stuffed inside random packs. A few of us were elated at earning REAL cards as opposed to those of the virtual variety, while most others were satisfied with their electronic coin collection. Of the three code cards that I pulled, the very first was the only one that revealed a special Golden Moments Die Cut chrome refractor card, the “common” of the set. I earned a Miguel Cabrera and easily swapped it within minutes for something different. I immediately processed it for shipment and, assumingly much like most other people, forgot all about it.

Padded Manilla Envelope

…until yesterday, that is. When out from the cramped house-mounted tin can mail box poked a #0 sized padded manilla envelope bearing the name Topps on the label. I immediately knew what it was but was surprised by the envelope used. Past redemptions have been sent to me in much smaller flat manilla mailers. Within the bubble cushioned paper was my brand new Golden Moments Die Cut chrome refractor of, who else, Joe Mauer.

A surprisingly and unnecessarily thick card, weighing in at 1/16″ in thickness (about 63 points), this redemption card was delivered in its own penny sleeve and 120 point top loader. This is quite refreshing to this particular collector. Cards that I’ve received from Topps in the past have come with not so much as a penny sleeve or loose piece of paper. That’s right. They shipped out their redemption cards (to me, at least) in flat manilla mailers with no card protection.

The front of the card also includes a piece of peel-away protective film (notice the bottom right corner–no, that’s not damage, it’s the film bunching up from sliding into the top loader). Die cut, chrome and protective film… that and a quick look at the design and you could swear this card came from a set of Finest.

The backside of this particular card recants Joe Mauer’s impressive 2010 All-Star vote tally–over 5 million, all told. So, we’ve got a Finest lookalike card made in 2012 using a photo from 2011 (you can tell from the Harmon Killebrew “3” patch on the sleeve) with trivia about 2010. Man, this thing is just ALL OVER the place!

But, for a “free” card (I did still buy the packs in which the Giveaway code was found, and I did still have to pay for S&H), this is a very nice addition to my PC. At the moment, this version of the Mauer Die Cut is fetching around $10 on the ‘bay. The price will diminish sharply once everyone has received their shipments and the leftovers have been sold to those who did not play Topps’ game of Golden Giveaway. But that’s all fine and good by me. No one else I know has this card.

Too bad I know so many Twins Collectors!

Did you happen to play the Golden Giveaway game? If so, what did you win? Did you trade for anything? Have you received shipment of anything? Are you jealous of my Mauer? :D

A clue! A clue!