BoBuBingo: 2012 Topps S1 – LIVE!

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in BoBuBingo

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Get Out Yer Ink Dobbers
(it’s time to play BoBuBingo)


Whether you’re here to play, or just here to watch, please click the “LIVE NOW!!” link above. Forget where to find your card? Just go back to our Facebook page to find it there! Need a refresher on the rules and F.A.Q.? Check ’em out below!

2012 Topps Series 1 Hobby Packs ($20)

BoBuBingo Prize: The First Hit Pulled
Red Number Prize: Pulled Hit of Your Choice
Full Board Prize: All Remaining Pulled Hits

Any Cards #’d to 50 or less
World Series Pin Cards
Golden Greats Coin
SSP #331
SSP #332

The Contest Entry Window will be open until 11:59pm Central on Tuesday January 31 2012. During the Window opening, you will be able to choose from 12 different BoBuBingo cards that were made by me using to assign numbers to each card. To choose a BoBuBingo card, just follow the “FIND YOUR CARD NOW” link provided below, then find the BoBuBingo tab on that page and follow the rules posted there. Once someone has called a particular card number, no one else may claim that card number. First come, first serve. Once all of the the BoBuBingo cards have been claimed, more will be produced as is necessary.

The sealed Hobby Packs of 2012 Topps Series 1 will be busted at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central on Wednesday February 8 2012 and will be used to draw numbers. Only base cards and non-serial numbered base parallels will be used for this game. Each card will be called out by me in the order that they are pulled. If and when you believe you have scored a BoBuBingo, make sure to call out "BoBuBingo!" as soon as you can. Confirmation will be on a first call first serve basis. The first person to have a confirmed BoBuBingo will win the BoBuBingo Prize. If and when you believe you have scored a Red Number BoBuBingo, make sure to call out "Red Number!" as soon as you can, even if BoBuBingo has already been called, confirmed, and awarded. If and when you believe your board has been completely filled, call out "Full Board!" as soon as possible, even if BoBuBingo and/or Red Number has already been called, confirmed, and awarded. The game will continue until either all prizes have been awarded or all card numbers contained in the Hobby Packs have been called.

Each BoBuBingo card has one Red Number. If, at any time, you score a BoBuBingo with your Red Number, you will win the Pulled Hit of your choice! If the BoBuBingo Prize has already been awarded, you may choose from the remainder of the Pulled Hits.

If every number on your card has been called, you will win the Full Board Prize–all of the Pulled Hits! If the BoBuBingo and/or Red Number prize(s) have been awarded, you will instead win the remainder of the Pulled Hits.

If you are not here during the game, but you have claimed a BoBuBingo card before the Contest Entry Window has closed, you will still have 48 hours following the beginning of the game to confirm your BoBuBingo.

If BoBuBingo, Red Number, and/or Full Board is not claimed by 7pm Central on Friday February 10 2012, there will be no winner for those prizes.

Do I need to be here live to play? Nope! You just have to claim your prize before 7pm Central on Friday February 10 2012.
Will being here live during the game increase my chances of winning? In a sense, yes. If you are here live during the game, you will obviously have the first opportunity to claim your prize. If you are not here live and score a BoBuBingo, Red Number, and/or Full Board, but someone else has already claimed those prizes, you, unfortunately, cannot win.
The player that won live did it with 20 numbers called, but I was not here and won with fewer numbers called. Does that mean I win? You’ll only win if you are the first to claim your prize and be confirmed as the winner. It does not matter how quickly you win, it’s how fast you claim your prize and are confirmed as the winner.
If I can’t be here live, should I just not play at all? While being here live definitely has its advantages, it does not guarantee a winner. The Prize Claim Window is open for 48 hours to give everyone a chance to play, especially those that cannot be here during the game.
If I am the first person with a BoBuBingo, but I win with my Red Number, what do I win? You will win both the BoBuBingo and Red Number prizes.
If someone else has already won BoBuBingo and claimed their prize, and I claim BoBuBingo afterwards, what do I win? I’m sorry, but only the first person to have a claimed and confirmed BoBuBingo will win their prize.
If someone has won BoBuBingo, but then later I have a BoBuBingo with my Red Number, does that mean that I don’t win? If you have a BoBuBingo with your Red Number even after someone has claimed and won BoBuBingo, then you actually win the Red Number prize–just so long as no one else has claimed and won the Red Number prize.
What happens if no hits were pulled? If no qualifying hits are pulled, the BoBuBingo winner will receive 1 card of their choice, the Red Number winner will receive two cards of their choice, and the Full Board winner will receive 3 cards of their choice.

Open until 11:59pm Central on Tuesday January 31 2012

7pm Central Wednesday February 8 2012, right here at Crackin’ Wax

Closes 7pm Central Friday February 10 2012


I would appreciate any feedback you may have about this style of game–positive or negative. If BoBuBingo is well received, it will continue. If not, it could either be restructured or scrapped for something else altogether. Any comments, questions, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

  1. Samuel says:

    I’m in the room, but I’m not allowed to comment, so I can’t say if I have a bingo or not… You gotta keep an eye out for people who join the room!

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